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This pioneering Handbook offers a state-of-the-art exploration of the social structure of accumulation theory, a leading theory of stages of capitalism, expertly summarising its development to date. It breaks new ground in several areas, including econometric evidence for the theory and developing institutional analyses of technology and the environment.
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Breakthroughs and Legacies
Inequalities and the Progressive Era features contributors from all corners of the world, each exploring a different type of inequality during the ‘Progressive Era’ (1890s-1930s). Though this era is most associated with the United States, it corresponds to a historical period in which profound changes and progress are realized or expected all over the globe.
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Monograph Book
On the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

Economic Growth and Distribution isolates and compares the logical structures and methodological underpinnings underlying the relationship between economic growth and distribution. It carries out an in-depth analysis of a wide range of issues connected with growth theory considered from different theoretical perspectives. Its uniqueness is derived from the original contributions by a number of scholars of different persuasions; some within the mainstream and others from Keynesian–Kaleckian–Sraffian positions. The book deals with a wide variety of research topics concerning economic growth and distribution, such as the transition from the epoch of Malthusian stagnation to the contemporary era of modern economic growth; comparisons among the classical tradition, modern theory, and heterodox models; problems of policy; dynamics and business cycles; and the role of institutions.

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Principles and Unstable Dynamics of Capitalism

This book uses an institutional–evolutionary approach to analyse economic problems associated with developments in capitalism during the second half of the twentieth century. It argues that economics should centre on institutions – the durable fabric of the economy over time. Drawing on the foundations of Marxist and institutional political economy, the book traces the lineages of institutional themes, as well as considering feminist, post-Keynesian, holistic economics and Schumpeterian perspectives. The nature of institutions in the growth and instability of capitalism is then explored with reference to social structures of accumulation.

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Monograph Book
Twentieth Century Dissenting Economists

In Economics and its Discontents each chapter explains what it means to be a dissenting economist and examines how and why the work of the featured economist constitutes dissent. It demonstrates that dissent in the profession extends beyond ideology and that dissenters can come from radical, liberal or conservative backgrounds. Dissent is considered in many respects, including how economics is taught, the methodology of economic analysis, the lack of attention economists pay to the real world behaviour of individuals, the narrow and limited assumptions made by economists, the inappropriate attempt of economics to dominate all social sciences, and the policy conclusions reached by standard economic analysis. The dissenters featured in this book suggest that there is a better way to do economics, and a better way to be an economist, and each has helped keep economics honest by constantly questioning traditional thinking. This book salutes and celebrates these dissenters who exemplify the very best of the discipline. If economics is again to be a respected field and a highly regarded profession, we must look to these dissenters to point the way forward.

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