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Breakthroughs and Legacies
Inequalities and the Progressive Era features contributors from all corners of the world, each exploring a different type of inequality during the ‘Progressive Era’ (1890s-1930s). Though this era is most associated with the United States, it corresponds to a historical period in which profound changes and progress are realized or expected all over the globe.
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A Key to Recent Controversies in Equilibrium Theory

This book argues that the shift in general equilibrium theory, from its early long-period to the modern very-short-period versions, has had very important consequences which are insufficiently appreciated by large parts of the economics profession. This shift has produced new difficulties, and has undermined central tenets of neoclassical macroeconomic theory (such as the negative dependence of aggregate investment on the interest rate, or the existence of a downward-sloping demand curve for labour) which had their basis in the long-period versions where capital was treated as a single factor.

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The Economics of John M. Keynes and Frank H. Knight

Ethics and Uncertainty explores how two economists, who both placed ‘uncertainty’ at the heart of their economic theories, come to drastically different and opposing policy recommendations. The volume illustrates that the important lesson to learn from both Knight and Keynes is that ethics and the desire to improve mankind should be the focus of economic enquiry.

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