Chapter 1 Mapping the emerging field of responsible management: domains, spheres, themes, and future research
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Since responsible management originally appeared on the agenda of management researchers in the early twentieth century, the research field of responsible management has gone through an extended period of labor. It has not been, however, until the early twenty-first century, with the establishment of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management, that responsible management had begun to form as a coherent field of academic interest. Most recently, the initial educational interest in responsible management has given birth to a swiftly developing field of research. This publication is aimed at mapping this emerging field of responsible management research. The map is composed of the disciplinary domains of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability plus cognates (ERS+); spheres of responsible management with the manager at the center, extending outwards to managerial job, group, organization, occupation, on to planetary society; and three core themes centered on managing responsibly: Learning, change, innovation; praxis, practices, process(es); and alternative management frameworks. We are suggesting three salient future research directions, mundanely responsible management; normalization of responsible management; and performative agency of management academics.