Chapter 11 Welfare, labour and austerity: resistances and alternatives through womens gaze
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European policies are converging towards neoliberalism and jeopardizing citizens’ rights and democracy. The consequences of this political turn include devastating effects in employment, such as increased insecurity related to loss of jobs and precariousness. Based on the study of legal documents, as well as on sound empirical work, this chapter takes a gender lens to analyse the conditions and obstacles experienced by vulnerable groups in the context of redistributive justice. Through the analyses of concrete country case, the chapter shows how policies and laws adopted and enforced have amplified injustices that affect EU democracies in general and women’ rights in particular, reinforcing inequalities both within countries and between different welfare and employment regimes. In parallel, the chapter also analyses the claims and proposals advanced by citizens in response to austerity policies as a crucial step towards a fairer European theory of justice.

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