Chapter 14 Identifying disruptive innovations in transport: the case of the Hyperloop
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Limited studies in transport have focused on how innovations can become disruptive and what are the underlying conditions. We have developed a conceptual framework that can help researchers assess if a given innovation can be potentially disruptive. The framework is then applied to the case of the Hyperloop, as a potentially disruptive mode. The supply related enablers of the Hyperloop, namely: the Hyperloop technology, business case and the value network, are explored. Further, the demand related enablers of the Hyperloop are discussed. The demand related aspects, namely, affordability, availability, comfort, accessibility, safety and travel time, are discussed. The outcome of the conceptual framework is that it is unlikely for the Hyperloop to be disruptive in the short term (i.e. coming decade), given current uncertainties on the technology readiness, the pending safety issues and the estimated high ticket costs for the Hyperloop, which would be acceptable only to high-income groups of society.