Chapter 14 New and fluid forms of organizing volunteering
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New and fluid modes of organizing volunteering are emerging, characterized by blurry boundaries of membership and lack of formally delegated authority. The potential for fluidly organized groups to act as 'mission belts' has been questioned due to their presumed ephemeral nature and incompatibility with the procedures of formal authorities. Furthermore, concerns have been raised that their internal governance forms are undemocratic. The volunteering literature, however, does not properly equip us to answer these questions, because it rarely studies these fluid formats for engagement as collectives. Working from the stance of a processual ontology, this chapter argues that the theoretical perspective of 'organizationality' offers volunteering research lenses for seeing the organization in the fluid. This change of perspective invites us to ask how fluid organization is stabilized, how it is attributed collective actorhood through its interaction with formal authorities, and what is produced as democracy there. This lens better enables us to debate the aforementioned concerns, and it also invites us to raise questions about the implications different from the questions addressed in current civil society literature.