Chapter 21 The future of civil society research in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam
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Civil society research in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam is significantly constrained by political limitations. And yet the conditions are somewhat different in each location. In China, political restrictions on civil society research have been expanding for the last decade, and yet some of China's growing number of civil society and third sector researchers find ways of identifying important areas of power and the state through work on more technical issues. In Hong Kong, the rapid PRC takeover of political and intellectual life is already chilling civil society research and academic life. In Vietnam, while there are some political constraints on civil society research, resource constraints are also a significant issue. Vietnam has very few researchers of civil society and the third sector and insufficient support for research infrastructure, and so is not easy to build a vibrant research community. Finally, Chinese, Hong Kong and Vietnamese scholars either working from abroad or publishing abroad, or both, are sometimes able to expand boundaries and constraints that they would have to fully obey at home.