Chapter 9 Better technological security solutions through human-centred design and development
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The much-hyped potential of big data analytics to support decision-making has attracted much interest from law enforcement agencies (LEA). A number of technology solutions have been developed for police forces, marketed as predictive policing. This chapter contrasts technology-driven innovation with the process of human-centred design, drawing on the European Commission-funded Cutting Crime Impact project. In-depth research into end-user requirements and contexts was undertaken by LEAs. It revealed critical insights, resulting in a new approach supporting the officers responsible for delivering effective policing. The technology-centred focus of LEA partners on predictive policing shifted to a human-centred focus on those responsible for patrolling. This generated operational improvements to increase the clarity and flow of information between police officers and across policing shifts. Human-centred design is proposed as an effective and more practical approach to addressing complex security and policing challenges. Its holistic focus maximises implementation of developed solutions, while reducing risk of innovation failure.