Chapter 1 Introduction to Global Jihadist Terrorism
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This volume seeks to provide a single, unified, relatively comprehensive, repository of information on jihadist terrorism by offering three sets of integrated essay on, firstly, four key jihadist terrorist organisations, (AQ, IS, Hamas and Lashkar-e-Taiba), secondly, four zones of armed conflict involving these terrorist groups, (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Israel-Palestine), and, thirdly, the counter-terrorist responses of five key liberal democratic states, (US, UK, France, India and Israel). The resulting reference work is one suitable for use by researchers and students in terrorism studies, by policymakers, security personnel and others requiring, in particular, a comparative knowledge of counter-terrorism measures across a range of liberal democracies, and by journalists, members of the educated public and others desiring to possess a general understanding of jihadist terrorism and what is being done to combat it.