Introduction to A Research Agenda for International Political Economy: New Directions and Promising Paths
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IPE as a field of study has substantially neglected socially destructive elements of the predominant western capitalist development model which have created existential crises in natural resources, biodiversity, climate, and food systems Political leadership by individuals, as well as by states, is one key driver toward socially positive policies over the time frame of months to a few years that is urgently required to address these existential crises of the 21st century. This chapter probes the most likely sources of individual and national leadership in political economy that can help stabilize economic and financial globalization, and mitigate these crises. It addresses the puzzle of whether "capitalism" and market-based political economic systems are capable of mitigating these crises, and if so, how they might do that. It asserts that one critical pathway is rapidly accelerating the role of women in senior leadership positions, as supported by various lines of research.

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