Chapter 4 Case studies of universities in Europe
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Chapter 4 introduces the 20 universities that actively contributed to our case studies and submitted RII self-appraisal reports. Taking a closer look at a subset of those universities, we present information on their RII capacity gathered through a dedicated questionnaire. The survey findings clearly indicate their commitment to regional innovation engagement, but also reveal where universities experience challenges to implement their RII ideas and aspirations. The information from each university is structured around the ‘RII portfolio domains’ within their engagement profiles. The four domains that were introduced in part 1 are: (i) regional orientation, strategic development, and knowledge infrastructure; (ii) education and human resources development; (iii) research, knowledge creation and technology transfer; (iv) support to enterprise development and entrepreneurship education. The final section presents an analysis of those self-appraisal reports from the viewpoint of RII indicators.