Chapter 11 Democratism as a paradigm in IR: structures, subjects, processes
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This chapter explores and confirms the possibility to conceive of democratism as a research paradigm in IR comparable to liberalism, realism, Marxism and constructivism. It notices that none of these traditions has engaged the concept of democracy beyond the state, and also that none of them are able to do so without breaking their own presuppositions on how global and international politics works and ought to be explained. To overcome that obstacle to dialogue between IR and research on democracy beyond the state, the chapter pursues a set of paradigm-defining questions and responds to them with a discussion of what democracy entails: Which are the key political subjects in explanation of international politics? Which structures are important to explain the agents? Should explanations of international politics ultimately refer to actors, structures or processes? The chapter concludes with a summary of similarities and differences on these questions across IR paradigms, including democratism.

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