Chapter 12 Democratism beyond IR paradigms: new wars, inner conflicts, post-humans
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The chapter examines the capacity in democratism to explain issues outside of, or neglected in, mainstream IR. The purpose then is to test the capacity in democratism to push the boundaries of IR as well as to accommodate deep changes in world political structures related to that discipline. The first issue addressed is how to promote and conceive of peace under conditions of 'new wars' in the sense given to the term by Mary Kaldor. The second issue is how politics within the minds of individual persons may emerge and shape war and violence, as illustrated by the Norwegian lone-wolf terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. The third issue is how to explain peace and stability in social interactions between human and post-human individuals, including but not limited to robots with artificial intelligence. The explorations illustrate the applicability of democratism to constitutively explain issues beyond the IR of today while noticing some weakness in current democratism to explain issues of inner politics.

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