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If your institution has purchased book or journal content on you should have access within your university or off campus via remote access via your institutional Log in. If the content does not have a green padlock it means your university has not bought the chapter or article. We do not sell books or chapters to individuals so please recommend the purchase to your library. Most of our books are made available as reasonably priced eBooks on Google Play. We do not offer trials to individuals.

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You can 🔍Search for content on our home page

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The search will browse across all content including Titles, ISBNs, Abstracts, Keywords and Full Text:


The Advanced Search page can be used to build more complex searches and to search specific fields (eg. Title or Author). In addition users can use Boolean operators in both the Advanced and Quick Searches.

  • Search allows use of Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT)

  • By default a search on a string of words will return results containing the individual words, eg. environmental economics is the same as environmental AND economics

  • To search for an exact phrase use ("), eg. "environmental economics" returns only results with these two words together in this order - an exact text match of the phrase

  • Use (*) as a wild card. eg. econom* will return searches containing economic, economics, economy, economist etc; colo*r will return searches containing colour as well as color

  • Basic algorithmic stemming is used to disregard some word endings, eg. a search for city will automatically include cities


Use the filtering menus on the left to refine by:

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  • Access - OA, all accessible content

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Personalised Features

A personal user account is required to use these features of Elgaronline:

  • Save and tag content items, search results or book lists for future reference

  • Create alerts for new content added to the site

  • Set up and manage TOC alerts for journals

  • A personal journal subscription or individual articles that have been purchased

All individual users can create a personal account but this does not provide access to full text content. If you would like access to the content, your institution or library will need to purchase this via Elgaronline. The books included in Elgaronline are also available internationally as both print and eBooks. For more information, please visit our main website. You do not need to have access to the content on Elgaronline to create a user account. Click Register at the top right of the Elgaronline website and complete the form.

Browser Compatibility

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Purchasing Articles

Individuals can purchase journal articles for $40. You will be asked to sign up for an account before paying for the content. You will need to sign in to access the content.

Recommend to your library

If you are interested in any of our content please recommend to your library to buy the print version or the title as part of a larger eBook collection. We don't sell single eBooks.