Elgar Encyclopedia of International Economic Law

The Elgar Encyclopedia of International Economic Law is the definitive reference work on international economic law. This comprehensive resource helps redefine the field by presenting international economic law in its broadest, real-world context.

Written by leading scholars and practitioners of international economic law, this uniquely comprehensive reference work comprises over 250 entries, with traditional international economic law subject matter supplemented by coverage of newly developing areas.

Organized thematically rather than alphabetically, the subject is split into four principal sections: the foundations and architecture of international economic law, its principles, its main regulatory areas, and the future challenges that it faces. Comprising over 250 entries written by leading scholars and practitioners, traditional international economic law subject matter is supplemented by coverage of newly developing areas. Thus, the concepts and rules of trade, investment, finance and international tax law are found alongside entries discussing the relationship of international economic law with environmental protection, social standards, development, and human rights.

The online edition is significantly enhanced by sophisticated search and cross-linking functionality, and content is available in both PDF and XML form:

  • Sophisticated search and cross-linking
  • Navigation tools to aid use as an integrated resource
  • Direct linking to external references
  • Free-flowing XML text optimised for on-screen use
  • Hosted exclusively on our content platform, Elgaronline
  • DRM free: download, print and share subscribed content
  • Technology designed to aid library integration

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