Purchasing Articles

Individual users purchasing content - FAQs

What content is available for purchase by individuals on Elgaronline?

Individual users can purchase journal articles using a payment card or Paypal account. Currently only journal articles are available for individuals to purchase from Elgaronline. eBooks or chapters are not available for purchase by individual users but can be purchased through a number of independent retailers such as Google Play or eBooks.com.

Full content is available to institution and library customers. For more information, contact us. Our books and journals are also available in print from the Edward Elgar Publishing website, bookshops and international library suppliers.

How may I use a journal article purchased directly on Elgaronline?

Users may view, print and download content for personal, non-commercial use.  Please read the full license terms at the start of the purchase process for more details.

How do I purchase an article?

  1. Sign in or register for a Personal Account using the link at the very top left of the Elgaronline website.
  2. Find the journal article that you wish to purchase and click on the Pay to Access Article button to the right of the article title.
  3. If you have missed step 1 and not created or logged into your Personal Account then you will be prompted to login or register. Once you have done this please start the purchase again.
  4. Please read and agree to our individual user license terms for Elgaronline.
  5. Complete the payment process using a credit/ debit card or, if you have one, a PayPal account.
  6. You will then receive confirmation that the transaction was successful and you can access the article.

How do I access articles that I have previously purchased?

To access a purchased article on Elgaronline please ensure that you login to your Personal Account at the very top left of the webpage using the email address and password that you registered during the purchase process.

Once logged in you wil be able to view, print or download your article on Elgaronline. To view a full list of the content that you have purchased click on My Content at the very top of the webpage.  Then select the My Purchases tab to view and link to items.

Click here for further information about using your Personal User Account to save and tag searches and content items.