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Piritta Parkkari and Krista Kohtakangas

Recent studies have utilized practice theories to understand various aspects of entrepreneurship, but there is a lack of studies that aim to understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship beyond individuals labelled as entrepreneurs doing entrepreneurship. This chapter aims to present a better understanding of organizations that work to promote entrepreneurship, focusing on student Entrepreneurship Society (ES) organizations in Finland. Using ethnography, it shows how these organizations were constructed as a student movement aiming to awaken students’ entrepreneurial latencies through practices enacted during a get-together event. The observed practices included little space for negotiating the meaning of entrepreneurship or why it is promoted. Multiple ideals emerged, such as valuing ‘doing’, while aiming to stay clear of ‘politics’. The findings indicate that the phenomenon of Entrepreneurship Societies reflects the dispersion and power of entrepreneurship discourse and ideology.

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Piritta Parkkari and Karen Verduijn

In this chapter, the authors have introduced three recent conversations within entrepreneurship research that diverge from ‘mainstream’, functionalist entrepreneurship research: Critical Entrepreneurship Studies, Entrepreneurship as Practice and the Radical Processual Approach. They have used the question of “Why do some become entrepreneurs and others don’t” as an illustrative tool for bringing out the conversations’ interrelations, idiosyncratic foci and ways of asking questions. All in all, the authors emphasize that it is not a matter of what approach to entrepreneurship is the ‘best’, but rather about understanding what makes them unique, and how they can complement each other, ultimately to provide spaces for novel, radical, complexified and nuanced ways of understanding and researching entrepreneurship phenomena.