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Stéphanie Looser and Joachim Schwalbach

Germany and Switzerland, both, obviously have a century-old history of specific business leadership characteristics that manifested in a seemingly congruent value set, trickling down to similar daily business practises and operations; moreover, they demonstrate resembling individual behaviours, attitudes, postures, moral positions, and related actions on several levels (e.g. regional, political, economic, social). Most significantly, in certain sectors, notably, comparability is not a precondition, trailblazingly unique virtues have emerged. Although, not specifically attached to the “official” definitions of Responsible Leadership (RL) and/or Management (RM), the German Honourable Merchant (GHM) (i.e. characteristics mentioned above regarding Germany) and the Swiss Handshake Quality (SHQ) (i.e. equivalent to Switzerland) are based on individual responsibility, morale, compatible with human aims so to be worth a detailed scrutiny regarding diverse, identical, mutually exclusive, or co-dependent dimensions regarding the theoretical framework of RM and/or RL.