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A Political Economy of African Regionalisms

An Overview of Asymmetrical Development

Wil Hout and M. A.M. Salih

This book analyses the main factors influencing the political economy of Africa’s asymmetrical regionalism, focusing on regional and sub-regional trade, investment, movement of people, goods and services. It pays particular attention to the way in which regional and sub-regional dynamics are impacted by extra-regional relations, such with the EU, US, China and India. Because African regionalism is influenced not only by economic processes, peace and security are also analysed as important factors shaping both regional and sub-regional relations and dynamics.
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Wil Hout and M. A.M. Salih

IA.1 REC member states
3.1 Population and land use data by REC, 2000‒2017
3.2 Average contribution of natural resource rents to gross domestic product, by REC, 1990‒2016
3.3 Average value added in economic sectors (% of GDP) by REC, 1990‒2017
3.4 Per capita gross domestic product of RECs (constant 2010 US dollars and percentages), 1990‒2017
3.5 Human Development Index, country ranking by REC, 2017
3.6 Human Development Index components, by country and REC, 2017
3.7 Poverty data, by REC (average % of the total population), 2006‒2017
4.1 Armed conflict-related fatalities by REC (absolute number and percentage), 1997‒2018
4.2 Internally displaced persons in RECs, 1998‒2017
4.3 Regional integration and peacefulness scores and ranks, by country, 2016‒2018
4.4 Average regional integration score on five dimensions, by REC, 2016
4A.1 African countries and RECs’ peace ranking and scores, 2018
4A.2 Political rights, civil liberties and freedom status, 2018
6.1 Average annual inflows of FDI (billions of US dollars in current prices), 1970‒2017
6.2 Average annual inflows of FDI (US dollars in current prices, per capita), 1980‒2017
6.3 FDI inflows (greenfield) by sector (millions of US dollars), 2009‒2013
6.4 FDI inflows (greenfield) from China by target country and sector (millions of US dollars), 2009‒2018
6.5 Average allocations of ODA from Development Assistance Committee (DAC) countries to specific sectors, on the basis of constant 2016 US dollars, 2008‒2016
6.6 Average financial flows from China to specific sectors, on the basis of constant 2014 US dollars, 2000‒2014