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Firms, Finance and Sustainable Transitions

The Financial Constraints of Eco-Innovation Companies

Edgardo Sica

This thought-provoking book introduces a financial economics perspective to the topic of eco-innovations and, more generally, sociotechnical transitions. It develops a model that illustrates how financial constraints can prevent the development of eco-innovations within companies and hinder the transition process towards a more sustainable regime. Edgardo Sica presents a review of the state of the art, as well as new data from original surveys aimed at testing the impact of financial constraints on eco-innovative decisions at radical and niche levels.
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The Financial Constraints of Eco-Innovation Companies

Edgardo Sica

ADB (anaerobic digestion and biogas)

BA (business angels)

BBS (bank-based system)

CAWI (computer assisted web interviewing)

CIS (Community Innovation Survey)

CMEs (coordinated market economies)

EIs (eco-innovations)

FC (financial constraints)

FS (financial system)

HoF (hierarchy of finance)

IDS (insider-dominated systems)

LMEs (liberal market economies)

MBS (market-based system)

MLP (multi-level perspective)

NSI (national systems of innovation)

ODS (outsider-dominated system)

PA (principal-agent problem)

SNA (social network analysis)

SSI (sectoral system of innovation)

VC (venture capital)

VoC (varieties of capitalism)