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Multinationals, Local Capacity Building and Development

The Role of Chinese and European MNEs

Xiaolan Fu, Owusu Essegbey and Godfred K. Frempong

Drawing on original research, Multinationals, Local Capacity Building and Development presents an extensive analysis of MNEs in Africa, taking Ghana as a case study, and broaching subject matter previously unaddressed in the field. Looking at MNEs impacts – both positive and negative – this book examines skill transfer from foreign management to local workers, the impact of MNEs on the improvement of local production capabilities, as well as their contributions to sustainable development goals.
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About the authors

Xiaolan Fu, Owusu Essegbey and Godfred K. Frempong

Xiaolan Fu is Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), Professor of Technology and International Development, University of Oxford. Her research interests include innovation, technology and industrialisation; trade, foreign direct investment and economic development. She is appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Governing Council of the Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries and to the 10-Member High-Level Advisory Group of the UN Technology Facilitation Mechanism. She has published extensively in leading international journals. Her recent books include China’s Path to Innovation, China’s Role in Global Economic Recovery, The Rise of Technological Power in the South and Exports, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in China. She is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, and serves on the editorial boards of Industrial and Corporate Change and International Journal of Technology Management.

George Owusu Essegbey is the Director of the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Ghana, which is a partner in the MNEmerge consortium. He has served as a member of the country’s National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) until the Commission was reconstituted. He has several years of experience in Science and Technology (S&T) policy research, innovation studies, research on new technologies, climate change and sustainable agriculture. He has published widely. Dr Essegbey has served various national and international organisations with his expertise including FAO, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNEP, WIPO and the World Bank. He was a member of the 10-Member Expert Group supporting the United Nations Technology Facilitation Mechanism with the UN Inter-agency Task Team on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the SDGs.

Godfred Kwasi Frempong is a Chief Research Scientist and former Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Ghana. He has been involved in policy research for several years in diverse disciplines such as SMEs and industry development, innovation studies, STI and ICTs. He has published extensively in diverse disciplines. Godfred Frempong has attracted research funding from several international organisations such as UN Economic Commission for Africa, International Development Research Centre of Canada, European Union, Danish Development Agency, INREF of Wageningen University and Research and World Bank Institute among others. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the African Academic Network on Internet Policy based in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a member of AEH Development Institute and AIRNET all based in Lusaka, Zambia. AIRNET is an independent and continental interdisciplinary research network  that seeks to infuse entrepreneurship into technology and innovation research, project design and implementation to support development.