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A Practical Guide to Using International Human Rights and Criminal Law Procedures

Connie de la Vega and Alen Mirza

This book is a practical, experience-based guide for advocates seeking remedies for human rights violations through the use of international institutions. Since 1948, when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, mechanisms for addressing human rights violations have multiplied to include UN Charter based bodies, treaty-based organizations including the international criminal court, and regional institutions. Each mechanism has its own admissibility requirements: accreditation, timeliness of claims, and exhaustion of remedies. For practitioners, the maze of rules and institutions can be difficult to navigate. This book offers step-by-step approaches for maximizing the institutions’ intended effect–promotion of human rights at all levels.
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Connie de la Vega and Alen Mirza

The authors would like to thank Luke Fadem for all his work in getting this project started and moving forward and in addition for authoring the chapter on international criminal law. His involvement included thinking through the project and assisting with getting approval from the publisher. We thank him for his on-going input as it has gone forward.

The authors would also like to thank Walt Cook and Adrian Van for their excellent cite-checking and Lee Ryan for her always excellent research support.

The authors would also like to thank the staff of Edward Elgar for their assistance throughout the project, in particular Kaitlin Gray, Stephen Gutierrez, Caroline Kracunas and Sally Philip.

All websites cited in this volume were live as at 20 June 2018.