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The Introduction highlights the urgency of implementing climate mitigation policy and explains that the book is meant to help individuals seeking to engage with climate change law and policy to develop climate change law literacy. The book provides background information necessary for readers to knowledgably navigate climate change law and policy. The chapters scaffold understanding of key issues by introducing and defining key terms, authorities, and actors; identifying important policy considerations; explaining the contours of significant legal disputes and questions; and highlighting the most salient aspects of emerging mitigation policy and associated legal issues. Readers should develop a sense of the broad landscape of climate change law and policy as well as familiarity with important terms, institutions, actors, and issues that will equip them to independently take deeper dives into specific areas of interest. The goal, in short, is to make readers literate in climate change mitigation law and policy, thereby empowering them to engage further with climate change mitigation efforts. The Introduction then describes the organization and content of each chapter.