Chapter 1 Introduction
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This volume is part of the new series of Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications in the Social Sciences, compiled under the editorship of Mark Casson. While these Handbooks engage with general issues of research methodology, their primary focus is on the practical issues surrounding best-practice techniques and real world applications. This Handbook provides a systematic account of a range of research methods in empirical macroeconomics. It is intended as a reference for graduate students and researchers interested in exploring new methodologies, but could also be deployed as a graduate text. The Handbook concentrates on the most important issues, models and techniques for research in macroeconomics. Each chapter highlights the key methodologies and their empirical application in an accessible way. The chapters are largely self-contained, and some background and key statistical concepts and methods are reviewed in the opening chapter. Given the breadth and the significance of the topics covered in the Handbook, no single chapter could claim to be comprehensive, but the chapters include the key references for each topic and provide a sound guide for further reading.